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Tire & Wheel

Tire & Wheel Service Contracts cover the repair or replacement of tires and/or wheels (when damaged beyond repair) caused by everyday hazards such as potholes, rocks, nails and glass. We provide solutions in order to help customers’ vehicles stay in safe working condition so they can feel more confident on the road.

Some benefits of Tire & Wheel Service Contracts:

  • Covers the repair or replacement of tires and wheels, including mounting, balancing and valve stems
  • Builds customer retention by encouraging consumers to return to their selling dealership
  • Tire and Tow Roadside Assistance available for customers
  • Available substitution transportation option to help drivers get back on the road

This is a summary of coverage available. The actual coverages, limitations and exclusions may vary from state to state and according to the particular agreement purchased. This does not constitute a solicitation for the product.

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