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GSFSGroup® offers GAP products with responsible pricing to help save money and offer peace of mind. Our products ease the customer’s financial burden associated with the total loss of a vehicle during the term of coverage. This way, customers can focus more on purchasing another vehicle, and less on the financial risk required to own one. We also provide the option of online GAP claims for convenient filing.

The web-based claims tool will guide users through the process of providing any necessary information about the total loss of the vehicle and apprise users of next steps.

How our Online GAP Portal can help:

  • Expedite the opening of a new claim
  • Upload claims documents with ease
  • Provide real-time claim status
  • Receive status of claim with instant updates
  • Present a summary of the claim when the settlement is decided

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This is a summary of coverage available. The actual coverages, limitations and exclusions may vary from state to state and according to the particular agreement purchased. This does not constitute a solicitation for the product.

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