GSFSGroup® to begin offering TalentNest™


GSFSGroup®, Part of The Friedkin Group, to Begin Offering TalentNest™, A Complete Talent Management Solution for Automotive Dealerships
Smart Business Solution Revolutionizing how the Automotive Industry Recruits and Retains Top Talent

Houston, TX, January 22, 2019 — GSFSGroup, a leading provider of Finance & Insurance (F&I) products and award-winning reinsurance structures to the automotive industry, is transitioning to a new product offering this month created to streamline the employee recruitment efforts of dealerships. TalentNest, formerly Hiring Winners®, is designed specifically to serve the unique human resources needs of today’s auto industry by facilitating talent recruiting, screening, hiring, onboarding, training and retention. With more than 1.1 million people employed by new car dealerships in the U.S. and a turnover rate of almost 50 percent[1], there is a growing demand among dealerships for automated tools that increase efficiencies in how they manage talent acquisition and retention.

TalentNest supplies dealers with the right candidates for the right jobs through a proprietary formula balancing People, Process and Performance, ultimately yielding better results and retention.

The platform combines leading-edge science and software with the latest best practices to deliver a complete solution for the attraction, recruitment, development and retention of top-performing employees across all auto dealership job functions — from F&I and Service, to Parts, Sales, Administration and Management.

Designed specifically for the auto industry, the system leverages best practices and leading-edge diagnostics to recruit and retain top talent, ultimately saving dealers time and resources while creating a candidate-friendly experience from application through hiring.  Additionally, it simplifies the hiring process by filtering and storing potential candidates and applications based on professional experience, career goals, company culture and more. Moreover, its automated system can help accurately predict a candidate’s performance and retention potential to identify those most likely to succeed.

“GSFSGroup is focused on delivering a simplified-yet-exceptional experience to our general agents, our dealers and the end customer. This philosophy led us to explore how we could think beyond our F&I products by making the hiring process easier for auto dealerships and job seekers everywhere.” said Dianna Dryer, President, GSFSGroup. “TalentNest has a proven track record of finding the right people, simplifying the hiring process and increasing employee performance. This solution gives our partners a great time-saving advantage, helping them to attract and retain top talent while drastically reducing costly turnover rates.” 

Additionally, the benefits of TalentNest’s expertise also offer service beyond the software through its NextSteps program, which includes a comprehensive set-up, training and maintenance. NextSteps efficiently streamlines the training process with detailed in-person tutorial and the development of customized dealership-branded portals designed to meet dealer-specific recruitment needs across every department at no incremental cost.

TalentNest complete talent management solution provided by GSFSGroup allows dealers to take the guesswork out of finding and retaining the employees most likely to benefit their business and the bottom line.  For more information and to schedule a demonstration, please visit

About GSFSGroup

Founded in Houston, Texas in 1982, Gulf States Financial Services, Inc. (GSFSGroup) is recognized nationwide as a leading provider of Finance & Insurance (F&I) products and award-winning reinsurance structures to the automotive industry. Its primary goal is to become indispensable to dealer partners and their customers. The group’s vitality and passion for the automotive industry is matched only by the level of stability, perspective and wisdom that comes from more than three decades of experience. GSFSGroup is part of The Friedkin Group, a consortium of automotive, hospitality, entertainment, golf and adventure companies led by Chairman and CEO Dan Friedkin.


GSFSGroup® is a registered trademark of Gulf States Financial Services, Inc.

TalentNest™ is a trademark of Self Management Resources Corporation

[1] Source: National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Dealership Workforce Study, 2018