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GSFSGroup’s web-based dealer E-menu and dealer presentation tools

Vastly improved dealer presentations using E-menu solutions from GSFSGroup.

GSFSGroup's E-menu solution, SecureOptions®, is a web-based dealer presentation tool. With improved imagery and faster transitions, this tool radically improves the speed, accuracy and compliance with which your F&I manager can present a complete F&I menu to a customer.

GSFSGroup's E-menu solution integrates with your existing Dealer Management System (DMS). The tool's reporting system boasts enhanced compliance features, documentation that reduces potential dealership liability and advanced management and training components. In addition, it also eliminates dual-entry of deals required by many F&I menus.

Features include:

  • Automatically loaded product rates, which generate product comparison costs, laid out in a manner the customers can easily understand
  • A structured dealer presentation of the F&I menu path to ensure all product offerings are displayed
  • Improved compliance by monitoring that F&I menu products presentation guidelines are met
  • Interactive dealer presentation sales tools and reports
  • Integration with product videos and other F&I menu promotional features such as vehicle cutaways, personalized sales presentation and more
  • Ability to change terms instantly for customer review

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