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GSFSGroup’s web-based Dealer Desking Software and Desking Tools

Dealer Desking Software from GSFSGroup

GSFSGroup's Dealer Desking Software, 1st Pencil, streamlines the sales process for the F&I manager and provides customers with multiple options in the purchase process.

Quick and easy to use, the 1st Pencil Desking Software asks your F&I managers to enter vehicle information and the tool generates multiple quotes. F&I managers also have the ability to work multiple quotes generated simultaneously and each option is stored in the system or as a printed worksheet.

Here are some key benefits of the 1st Pencil Desking Software:

  • Web-based desking software with a briefcase mode: Briefcase mode allows you to access the system, even when the Internet is unavailable
  • Ease of use: you only need the customer name, stock number, year, vehicle model, price, trade and current lease programs to generate multiple quotes for the vehicle
  • Speed of use: it takes less than one minute to generate up to 20 payment options:
  • Quickly calculates a tailored down payment
  • Quickly calculates a tailored monthly payment plan
  • Provides a comparison report using the real associated costs
  • Provides comparison examples
  • Stores all deals worked
  • Allows for the monitoring of staff performance by producing reports on the number of deals started, how often the software is used and the result of the customer interaction

Please contact 713-580-3034 or for more information.

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