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GSFSGroup’s web-based dealer DMS and dealer report solutions

GFSFGroup's FastTrac DMS Integrated Reporting works seamlessly with your automotive DMS

Imagine the benefits of being able to trust a single-source automotive DMS to manage your dealership's F&I and sales performance. GSFSGroup's DMS Integrated Reporting, FastTrac®, extracts data from your dealership's DMS in real-time and provides instant access to detailed dealer reports with product and profitability numbers that measure your success.

The DMS Integrated Reporting tool creates a wide array of dashboard reports and is accessed via a secured web-based portal and integrates with your own automotive DMS.

DMS Integrated Reporting provides:

  • No need for dual-entry
  • Real-time production dealer reports
  • Daily reports
  • Focused performance monitoring of finance and sales performance
  • Income Analysis

The FastTrac DMS Integrated Reporting tool is further supported by GSFSGroup's team of in-the-field F&I experts. These experts provide an array of training and consultancy services to further support dealers.

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