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SecureNet® Tire & Wheel Service Contract

The Benefits of GSFSGroups®  SecureNet Tire & Wheel Product

Tires and wheels are expensive to replace and keeping them in a safe working condition is key to your customer's driving experience. GSFSGroup's SecureNet Tire & Wheel Service Contract covers the repair or replacement (when damaged beyond repair) of key components caused by every day hazards such as potholes, rocks, nails and glass.

SecureNet Tire & Wheel Service Contracts help your customers drive with confidence knowing that unforeseen hazards won't turn into costly out-of-pocket repairs. The features and benefits of SecureNet Tire & Wheel Service Contracts include*:

  • Covers the repair or replacement of tires and wheels, including, mounting, balancing and valve stems
  • Encourages consumers to return to the selling dealership and build customer retention
  • Tire & Tow Roadside Assistance (up to $100 in roadside assistance benefits per occurrence) 
  • Optional substitute transportation benefit available 
  • Transferable with the sale of a car or truck enhancing a vehicle's resale value for your customer
  • SecureNet Tire & Wheel Service Contracts are recognized nationwide
  • Plus Option with Windshield and Paintless Dent Repair available 

* This is a summary of coverage available. The actual coverages, limitations, and exclusions may vary from state to state and according to a particular plan purchased. This does not constitute a solicitation for the product.



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