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Who do I contact?

Our Customer Service Center is open from Monday - Friday, 8AM to 6PM. You can also contact the selling dealership for further information.

If you need help understanding your Plan or how to use our claim service, below is a list of support services offered by GSFSGroup:

  • Customer Care and General Inquiries:
    Call: 1-800-833-8443 ext. 14
    Fax:    713-580-5178
  • Vehicle Service Contracts:
    Call: 1-800-628-0027 ext. 11
    Fax:     713-580-5113 
  • Maintenance Care Agreements:
    Call: 1-800-833-8443 & ext. 12
    Fax:    713-580-5131        
  • GAP:
    Call: 1-800-628-0027 ext. 1621
    Fax:    713-580-5123
    Email: gapclaims@gsadmins,com  
  • Claim Payments:
    Call: 1-800-628-0027 ext. 12
    Fax:    713-580-5125 
  • Request A Copy Of Your Contract:
    Call: 1-800-833-8443 ext. 12  
  • Update Your Contact Information
    Call: 1-800-833-8443 ext. 12

Vehicle service contracts may be referred to or described as extended warranties, extended manufacturer warranties, or mechanical breakdown insurance. These names are not technically or legally correct. SECURENET VEHICLE SERVICE CONTRACTS ARE NEITHER INSURANCE POLICIES NOR MANUFACTURER WARRANTIES. The correct term is service contract; it is an optional purchase by you under which our company pays the approved repair facility for covered repairs to your vehicle. The coverage provided depends upon the plan purchased.  

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