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Claim Service

GAP Claims

Filing a claim with GSFSGroup ® is a straightforward process. Unlike a traditional insurance claim, most interactions take place directly between you and the dealership or repair facility, which then contacts our claim service center, administered by GS Administrators, Inc., to process payment.

How to file a claim under a GAP Agreement

If you have purchased a GAP Agreement and need to make a claim, please follow these steps:

  • To start a claim: Click Here to download the GAP Claims Form and submit to  when completed.  
  • To check the status of your existing GAP claim, send an email to  and provide us with the following:  Your name, GAP agreement number and Vehicle ID Number (VIN).


SecureNet VSC Claims

If you are filing a claim under a VSC for mechanical breakdown coverage or tire and wheel coverage, please follow these steps. Please take immediate action to prevent further damages to your vehicle.*

  • Take your vehicle to the selling dealership, or if this is not possible, a licensed repair facility. Contact GSA customer care for assistance. We can be reached at: 1-800-833-8443.
  • Provide the service advisor with your contract information to contact us prior to the repair. The service advisor can also use the VIN number to verify the vehicle and contract type with GSA.
  • Once the repair facility has determined necessary repair, they will contact GSA to obtain authorization for the claim. Authorization is required before repairs take place.**
  • In some instances, you will need to authorize the repair facility to perform a diagnosis or teardown so they can determine the cause and cost of repair to your vehicle. Please review your contract for details.
  • The service advisor contacts GSA to obtain authorization. 
  • Once a covered repair is approved and the work completed, GSA pays the repair facility directly and you will be responsible for the deductible stated in your contract. Please review your contract for details.

* Damage caused by not obtaining a timely repair when a breakdown occurs is not covered. Please review your contract for details. 

**No repair can take place before authorization has been given by GSA unless the vehicle becomes inoperable outside of normal business hours. Please review your contract for details.


How to file a claim under a SecureNet Maintenance Program Agreement

If you have purchased a Maintenance Program Agreement please take the following steps:

  • Take your vehicle to the servicing dealer and present your maintenance agreement to file a claim for maintenance service. In most cases, the dealer will be paid directly for covered services. For assistance, please call: 1-800-833-8443 or email:
  • Please be aware that you should have your vehicle checked and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Please review your vehicle owner's manual for details.


 * Vehicle service contracts may be referred to or described as extended warranties, extended manufacturer warranties, or mechanical breakdown insurance. These names are not technically or legally correct. SECURENET VEHICLE SERVICE CONTRACTS ARE NEITHER INSURANCE POLICIES NOR MANUFACTURER WARRANTIES. The correct term is service contract; it is an optional purchase by you under which our company pays the approved repair facility for covered repairs to your vehicle. The coverage provided depends upon the plan purchased.  

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