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GSFSGroup Automotive Products – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions received by our customer care staff and selling dealers regarding our automotive products. If your question is not included here, or you would like additional information, please call customer care at: 1-800-833-8443 ext. 14.


If my customer already has a manufacturer's/warranty on his new car, why does he need a SecureNet® Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) ?

A manufacturer’s warranty isn’t an all-encompassing guarantee and only protects your customer for:

1) A limited time period
2) A limited number of miles
3) Failures caused through parts defects.

The SecureNet VSC provides coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty term and includes comprehensive critical component coverage. Ultimately, a VSC increases the duration of coverage so it better aligns with your customer’s expected ownership time frame and mileage. In addition, it also provides protection against mechanical failures that occur through age and wear.

What is the right SecureNet VSC coverage or term for my customer?

The SecureNet VSC is for the customer who wants the peace of mind knowing key components of his/her vehicle are covered for unexpected and costly mechanical and electrical breakdown repair expenses. VSCs are available at several levels of coverage ranging from Powertrain to comprehensive "bumper to bumper" and at various terms (mileage and time) - all designed to meet your customer's needs. VSCs are available on new as well as pre-owned vehicles.

How will my customer know if his SecureNet VSC covers a needed repair?

Each SecureNet VSC provides a thorough explanation of which items are covered.  To be confident that your customer’s vehicle has the most comprehensive protection available, insist on exclusionary (Premier Plus) coverage when available.

Is SecureNet VSC transferable to the next owner?

Yes, it can be transferred from the original purchaser for a one time transfer fee. In addition, the transferability of SecureNet VSC helps increase your customer vehicle’s resale value.

What are the benefits for paying routine maintenance in advance?

Paying for scheduled maintenance in advance allows your customer to freeze today's prices on covered parts and labor for the length of the plan purchased.

What does a Maintenance Program cover?

A SecureNet Maintenance Program pays for oil and filter changes, tire rotations and multi-point inspections. The multi-point inspections are designed to identify potential issues when they are easily addressable, such as low fluid levels or potential safety challenges. 

How does my dealership benefit from the Maintenance Program?

Servicing at your dealership is a great idea for several reasons. First, as the selling dealer you are trained on all aspects of your customer vehicle’s maintenance and will be aware of current manufacturer service and technical updates relating to that vehicle. Second, your customer gets to avail themselves of factory trained technicians and OEM parts and fluids, which keeps their vehicle performing at its best. (Not all motor oil is formulated the same!) Third, servicing their vehicle at the selling dealership is a great way to ensure the highest possible resale value when they are ready to trade in.

If I provide the customer with a limited warranty, why should he buy a SecureNet VSC?

A Limited Warranty covers only the basic powertrain components of a vehicle for a limited time. A Securenet VSC offers longer terms and benefits like towing, rental reimbursement and trip interruption. It also provides coverage that protects against an extensive list of components that aren't covered by a Limited Warranty. With a SecureNet VSC, customers can choose from a wide variety of terms and coverage that best fit their driving needs.

Where can my customer receive service under his Limited Warranty?

All vehicles covered by a Limited Warranty MUST be returned to the dealer who sold the car and issued the Limited Warranty for all covered repairs. Please see the Limited Warranty agreement for more information.

What is SecureNet GAP?

SecureNet GAP covers the difference between what your customer's primary auto insurance pays and the balance due on the loan/lease contract if he suffers a covered total loss. GAP will help ease your customer’s financial burden after a total loss allowing him to re-enter the vehicle market sooner and with a better purchasing position. This discrepancy can be thousands of dollars, as typically the vehicle depreciates faster than the loan is paid off, especially over the first few years of the term.

What are the benefits of SecureNet GAP for my customer?

SecureNet GAP helps provide customers with peace of mind. If your customer experiences an unrecoverable theft or a total loss, he is still responsible for the remaining payments left on his loan. GAP takes care of the "gap" between what his auto insurance pays and the balance due on the loan/lease contact at the time of loss.

Isn’t GAP coverage provided by my customer’s automobile insurance policy?

Not necessarily. Unless your customer purchased a GAP rider or endorsement, your customer's automobile insurance policy insures the value of his vehicle; not the payoff amount.

Can SecureNet GAP be purchased at a later time?

No. SecureNet GAP must be purchased at the time of vehicle sale. Since the largest dollar exposure to a GAP loss is in the first few months of coverage, this requirement actually protects your customer.     

What does my customer get when he buys SecureNet Tire & Wheel coverage?

Manufacturers and dealers are putting larger and more costly tires and rims on their inventory.  These desirable wheels differentiate one vehicle over another and help make a given car or truck stand out from competitive brands. Today, there are higher demands for the latest in 17”, 18” and even larger wheels and rims to give a vehicle visual appeal! The SecureNet Tire & Wheel Service Contract is designed to help your customer protect his expensive investment. 

My customer already has insurance. How does it benefit him to purchase Credit Life and Disability Insurance at my dealership?

Today, a typical automotive loan can exceed $30,000. If your customer suddenly passed away, was stricken ill or severely injured during the loan pay-off period, this supplemental insurance would pay off the loan (in the event of the buyer’s death) or make monthly payments while your customer is unable to work. While your customer may feel he is already adequately insured, Credit Life and Disability Insurance supplements his existing insurance benefits helping him and his family make financial ends meet at a difficult time.

What is the difference between Credit Life Insurance and Credit Disability Insurance?

Credit Life Insurance protects loved-ones by paying off the loan in the event of your customer’s death. 

Credit Disability Insurance ensures that loan payments are met, if your customer is incapacitated and unable to work. Typically, Credit Disability Insurance begins to make the payments after the insured has been out of work for two weeks. 

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