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Hiring Winners

The Benefits of GSFSGroup's Hiring Winners web-based tool for automotive recruitment and dealership hiring

With automotive hiring, finding the right individuals to fill automotive sales, finance and service jobs is challenging. GSFSGroup helps dealerships reduce turn-over and hire top performers with our exclusive web-based automotive recruitment tool, Hiring Winners.

By scientifically pre-screening and assessing candidates and providing employers with reports on their suitability for specific roles, Hiring Winners eliminates the guesswork out of dealership hiring.

Created specifically for the retail automotive environment, Hiring Winners is a customized suite of web-based tools, documented processes and hands-on training that helps your dealership develop a winning team. This tool also provides a start-to-finish workflow that includes talent acquisition, interaction between candidate and the dealership, as well as, the interview and selection process.

The features and benefits of the Hiring Winners tool include*:

  • A branded career portal
  • Increased traffic to your career site and improved talent acquisition
  • Improved HR compliance and workflow
  • Scientific candidate screening and analysis reports
  • Improved time-to-hire
  • Job specific performance profiles
  • An enhanced candidate experience
  • Improved staff performance and retention
  • The opportunity to incorporate GSFSGroup's training, to further enhance sales, finance and service staffing performance

Arrange a Hiring Winners demonstration today and see first-hand how our exclusive automotive recruitment tool can improve your dealership's performance.

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