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GSFSGroup’s Automotive Finance Training

GSFSGroup has provided automotive finance training to 75,000 finance and F&I professionals and currently serves the training needs of over 500 automotive dealerships.

GSFSGroup’s Automotive Finance and F&I Training Division provides finance professionals with a comprehensive curriculum of automotive finance training classes. For the convenience of our dealers, we offer a flexible timeframe and deliver our classes via a blended program that includes classroom training, in-dealership training and virtual training.

Our trainers combine real-world knowledge with training expertise and possess many years of work experience within both finance and F&I positions, as well as training roles. GSFSGroup’s automotive finance training courses are taught exclusively by AFIP certified trainers.
Designed to support automotive professionals at any stage of their career, GSFSGroup automotive finance training program includes*:

Finance Pro I

This four-day automotive finance training course is designed specifically for F&I professionals and provides a strong foundation in the art and science of selling F&I products and services.

Finance Pro II

Finance Pro II is designed to give your experienced finance manager a deeper understanding of the interview process and how to tailor the process to different customer’s personalities. The finance manager will also learn a vast number of logic techniques to overcome customer concerns such as how to execute powerful presentations, need awareness techniques and multiple menu presentations.

F&I Menu Selling

This automotive finance training workshop teach automotive finance professionals how to effectively use the tools they have available to increase product penetrations and challenges them to move to the next level of production.

Compliance Essentials

This automotive finance training course prepares your F&I sales management team to understand the critical laws and regulations that underpin their business.

Interview for Success

The foundation for any sales process is an effective customer interview. This automotive finance training course gives the finance manager the skills to gain the information needed to maximize finance control and F&I product sales.

Turning No to Yes, Objections

This automotive finance training workshop prepares dealers to overcome objections and turn a no into a yes.

Transition from Sales to F&I

This automotive finance training workshop teaches your finance manager how to take control of the transition process so they can be successful in their role.

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